Fast, Secure Delivery

Every piece of audio is uploaded to a cloud server and held for 3 months so you can access and download it as many times as you want. Only you will hold the link and password to it.

The Latest Software

We use some of the best software in the industry for editing, distribution and music composition and mastering.

1st class Sound Design

We use some of the best imaging libraries available from some of the world's best sound designers including Alien Imaging & Plastic Surgery.

Price Vs Quality

There's no competition, price and quality come hand in hand. We don't believe that if you pay less you get less. We keep our prices as lowest as possible because we can.

You are only limited by your imagination.

If you can think it, we can probably produce it. Check out our demos .

Our Services

Voice Overs

Need a voice over for a commercial, show intro, IVR, website? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you source it.

Music Composition

We can compose music for you show, commercial or Theme Park ride. In the past we have produced music for commercials, intros for shows and music for ride queue lines.

Commercial Production

Our in-house comm prod department can turn your brief into a ready to air commercial. We can organise voice over sessions and deal with your client throughout the whole process until delivery.

Sung Jingles

Need sung jingles? Our jingle supplier ‘Audio Heart’ have a huge range of jingle packages. click here to listen. Jingles are ready for re-sing now. Get in touch for pricing details.

Music Imagers

We take around 3 or 4 of your top played songs and beat match them together to make one seamlessly sounding music imager.


Need a promo to promote your show, feature or event? These are great for just that. Our in house producers will add music and effects to punch your message through.

Downloadable Audio

Every client gets their own folder on our cloud. All your audio files are kept for 3 month, so you can access them and download them as many times as you need.

Sweepers & Stagers

Our clients love these. Short, snappy imaging with your station name, show in fact anything you can think of. The shorter the better for more impact. Great over intros or between songs or out of breaks.

Power Intros

We take your most played songs and stamp your station name or whatever you want onto the intro of the song. Let your music flow with your imaging.

From audio imaging to commercial production

We can deal with everything from a full station re-brand to being your commercial production department. Our knowledge and expertise in audio, voice overs and sound design is second to none. Feel free to email us and find out what we can do for you.    

Our recent branding projects

elastic fm
Elastic FM

Elastic FM came to us as their current commercials needed re-voicing and re-producing with new voices, music and a change…

mixchart fm
MixChart FM

Udder were approached by MixChart FM to produce a mix of sweepers and stagers for in-between songs and out of…

nua show
The NUA Show

Jay Adkins who presents to very popular syndicated NUA Show wanted a new intro for 2016 and a custom made…

From Sung Jingles to Commercial Production, Big or Small station

We cater for every station or application, Community Radio, Internet Radio, Hospital Radio, RSL, DAB, Commercial, Podcast, live event, on-hold, website videos, e-learning, corporate.

Our Packages

We've come up with some great bundled packages. Bursting with great imaging elements, available to purchase & customise today. Starting from only £30.

The Mini Pack

A package of 10 sweepers. Free in-house voice over including, imaing fx and delivery. All you need to do is send your 10 liner script and leave the rest to us. ONLY £30.


The Full Re-brand

This package is great if you're looking for a total re-brand. It features 15 sweepers, up to 15 presenter id's, News intro, News Bed, Weather Bed, Sport Bed, Traffic Bed and What's On Bed ONLY £85.

Branded Intros Package

We take your favourite songs and beat match your voice over across the intro giving you a seamless sound. 2 branded intros delivered Monday morning for a whole month. And we'll throw in 2 free to make it 10. ONLY £35 a month.

The Media Suite 2016

A Buy Out Package for your Top Of The Hour sequence. Features, News In, News Bed, Weather Bed, Sport Bed, Traffic Bed & What's On Bed. All beds come in different lengths and include stab out's and in's. ONLY £45.

Imaging the way it should sound.

Get in touch with us today and let's work on something amazing.